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MuGiga | Season 6

Exp: 1000x
Drop: 40%

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Server: online 18 Players
  • Versão Season 6
  • Experiência 1000x
  • Drop 40%
  • Total de Contas 155
  • Total de Personagens 289
  • Total de Guilds 12




  • Admin Offline
  • GM-Zoro Offline
  • ADM-LEONA Offline
  • MGM-KURAMA Offline
  • GM-AIZEN Offline
  • GM-PIKACHU Offline
  • ADM Offline


What is VIP?

By making a donation to get VIP, you will be helping the server to keep it stable, free from errors and failures, especially from hackers.

Why should I be a VIP?

VIP is a system implemented by the Server, with the objective of raising funds for the maintenance and updates of the Server

The VIP Player, as detailed in the advantages menu, has several facilities throughout the Game, bringing greater entertainment and turning that Player into a Special Player.

How can I get VIP?

The most practical way to obtain vip is by buying with Credit.
To find out how to acquire Credit, access the Buy Credit menu or Click here!

If you already have Credit. Click here!